Most middle school students think school life is interesting and pleasant ,but some

Students don’t like to go to school,and they are not interested in their studies.

The reasons are as follows:some students think it’s not necessary to learn too much

Knowledge because their parents will give them everything they need. Some have

Given up their studies because of one or two poor subjects. They are afraid of being

Laughed at .Besides,some even think what is taught in class is boring.

In my opinion,getting an education can help you build the kind of future life you want. It’s a good idea to talk to your teachers,parents or friendsabout your problems with

school .You may get some useful advice from them.Try to find out your interests and

Talents which can make you more confident .You should remember that knowledge is

Power and that you must depend on yourself in the future.

The End of Year Party要求你用英文就以下几个禁止的方面写一篇小短文,

Wear jeans,be late,bring drinks and snacks to the party,bring friends from

Other schools,run or shout at the party,leave the gym during the party.

You must remember these rules for the party.You shouldn’t wear jeans. If you did that, The teachers wouldn’t let you in . You are not allowed to bring drinks and snacks to the Party. If you did that ,the teacherswould take them away. You shouldn’t bring friends

From other schools .If you did that ,the teachers would ask them to leave . You are not Allowed to leave the gym during the party . If you did that,the teachers would call your

Parents. Don’t run or shout at the party .If you did that ,you would have to leave . At last You can’t be late.


英语节目,特别是英语歌曲。在她疲劳时候,她会打开收音机,收听英语歌曲,她 认为从英文歌曲里能学到许多东西。如语音单词,最喜欢的歌曲,Yesterday Once

More, 最喜欢的乐队 The beatles.

My name is Li Ping . I am in Guangming middle school .I have been studying in the

School for three years. I like English very much and I am good at English . I often listen To English programs on the radio in order to improve my English especially I like Eng

Lish songs. When I am tired,I often turn on the radio and listen to the English songs,

Yesterday Once More is one of my favorite songs, and I also like the band ‘The Beatles Best. I can’t learn a lot from English songs,such as pronunciation and new words.Listen Ing to the radio is good for my study.

10.介绍一下中国一些方面的风俗,可以包括:greeting,eating meals with other

People,attending a party, 目标句型:be supposed to do

China is a country with a long history ,so there are many customs in it .

Firstly, you are supposed to shake hands when you meet someone for the first time. Secondly,when you eat dinner with other people,it’s rude to point at others with your Chopsticks. Besides, if you are going to a party,you are supposed to arrive at the party On time,or a few minutes late. You are not supposed to give a clock or a watch to your Friends as a present because it means ‘death ‘in Chinese . When in Rome ,do as the Romans do.’If you are going to China, please follow the rules.



Dear Mr . Smith,

I’m so excited to know that our school is organizing and activity to help the kids in a School . I hope I can join in it . I think I have the abilities to help them. First ,I’ll get on Well with the kids there. I can do it because I always communicate well with others. And I have a few hobbies,such as playing basketball,pingpong and singing songs. So I am going to help organize after-class activites .Also,my English is good. I can help The kids with their pronunciation. I’ll read English aloud with them and teach them English songs. It’s really fun.

I’ll be thankful if you give me the chance!


Yang Pei

11假如你是周浩,你遗失了一位英国友人借给你的一本书,请根据提示用英语写 一封道歉信。

Dear Frank,

I am terribly sorry to tell you that I have lost the book you were so kind to lend me last week.I like the book very much and I read every day and plan to finish it next month Last night when I came to my room,it wasn’t found anywhere. I will get a new book for You.

Old books are like old friends. Once they are lost, they can never be replaced . I feel Sorry for losing the book. I was so careless with my things. This is a warning to me to Be more careful in the future.

Best wishes.

Yours truly,

Zhou Hao



A Trip

I went hiking to a mountain with my friends last summer. It was a good trip at the

Beginning but something unexpected happened on the half way . One of my friends

Suddenly felt a terrible pain in his stomach and he couldn’t move any further. Nobody Knew what to do .One girl tried to call her mum with her mobile phone but there was No signal in the mountain area. Luckily we brought a tent .We put it up and let him Rest in it. He took some medicine. Then he drank some water,and ate some food.

After a while ,he felt much better and we walked on .We all enjoy ourselves on the Top of the mountain.



With the improvement of out living standard,more and more people can afford a car. As a result,our roads are more often than not crammed with cars.However,with more And more waste gas being discharged by the cars,the problem of air pollution becomes

Even more serious. So nowadays we advocate to lead a low-carbon life

My suggestion is we should ride bikes more often instead of driving cars. By riding a Bike,we can not only exercise our body but also protect our environment. Why not have

A try,my dear friends?

14美好的初中生涯即将结束,在毕业之前请你给老师写一些你想他对她说的话,以及 感谢未必能对你的教导和关爱。

Dear teacher,

Words fail me when I want to express my thanks to you.You have taken good care

Of me since I came to this school .When I am in trouble,you always encourage

me and cheer me up . You are kind but strict with us,you never allow us to

pretend that we know what we don’t know. You often tell us that it’s no use

Memorizing new words without understanding . With your help, my English has

Greatly improved. Thank you for caring about me, I will work harder in the future. Best wishes.

Yours, Zhang Hua

篇二:九年级英语同步作文unit 14

Unit 14 Have you packed yet?


与朋友聊天时, 难免要说道最近发生的事或自己最近所做的事情。本单元的话题就是最近发生的事情。


该话题的命题形式有多样,通常采用 “Guided writing”形式,有中、英文提示。通常采用记叙或描述性话题作文形式,常常用到书信、日记等形式。



1. 从时态上分析,因为谈论的是最近发生的事情及其影响,故大多数情况要使用一般过去时和现在完成时描述事件。如果强调从过去某时开始一直延续到说话时还在进行的动作,或可能还要继续下去的动作,就要用现在完成进行时。它通常和“for+段时间”或“since+点时间(也可以是从句)”的时间状语连用。若涉及到经常发生的事情,则用一般现在时;目前正在发生的事就用现在进行时。

2. 从内容上分析是在叙述事件,因此要围绕其要点展开叙述,与此相关的时间、 人物、事件、原因、结果等等需要的时候要交代清楚。

3. 叙事注意条理性,先说什么后说什么,句子可以加一些连接词如:and, then, because, so, if, since和when引导的从句等,以加强意思的前后衔接和转折。



Summer holiday is coming to the end. The holiday is really wonderful. I have done many things. I have been to Hong Kong with my father. The journey was exciting. I can’t forget the Disneyland and the Toy Street. They are good places for children and teenagers to go. I have been going swimming every afternoon recently. It’s a good way to keep fit, and it keeps me cool in the hot days.

Although the holiday is wonderful, there is one thing I have to worry about. I haven’t finished my homework for the holiday. I must hurry up to do it.


Great changes have taken place in my school. There used to be no library. Students didn’t have enough reading materials at school. Now our school has built a big library. There are many new books, and every student can borrow books from the library. Our school also has built a new computer room. We can surf the Internet there. We now have computer class every week. It is very interesting. The computers in the classroom are also connected to the Internet. It makes teaching very convenient and fun.

We all like to study here, and I am sure will make great progress.


The 29th Olympic Games will be held in 2008 in Beijing. All Chinese people are proud of it. As students, we should do something for the event.

English is an international language. Students in our school have held some activities to encourage people learn and speak English. They teach simple English in their communities, and encourage people to talk to foreigners in English and help them if they have problems. Besides, all kinds of sports activities have been held to welcome the coming of Olympic Games to China. Some students even have put up posters to tell people the history of the Olympic Games.All of us wish the 29th Olympic Games a great success.



1. I haven’t cleaned out the refrigerator yet. 我还没有把冰箱打扫干净。

2. Have you watered the plants yet? 你给植物浇水了吗?

3. I started about an hour ago, but I haven’t finished. 大约一个小时前(转载于:www.Zw2.cN 爱 作 文 网)我就开始了,可是还没有完。

4. In the past twelve months, they’ve had three major concerts and made a hit CD. 在过去的十二个月里,他们举办了三场较大的音乐会,出版了一张很受欢迎的CD唱片。

5. This program started in 1980, and so far has brought thousands of overseas Chinese students to look for their families’ roots. 这次活动始于1980年,到目前为止,它带来了成千上万的海外华裔学生到中国来寻根问祖。

B. 精彩例句拓展

1. I have read many story books in the past two months. 在过去两个月里,我读了很多故事书。

2. Zhou Jielun has just made a hit CD. 周杰伦刚出版了一盘轰动一时的CD。

3. They searched every part of the building. 他们对全楼进行了搜查。

4. How many travelers have been to Disneyland so far? 到现在为止, 有多少旅客到过迪斯尼乐园?

5. They have been in Beijing for two weeks. 他们在北京已经有两个星期了。

6. So far we haven’t got any news from them. 到目前为止,我们还没有得到他们的任何消息。

7. Up to now, the work has been quite smooth. 到目前为止,工作很顺利。

8. I have been writing an article recently. 我最近一直在写一篇文章。








分析:这是一篇提示性作文, 要求给朋友写一封信,介绍自己的近况。在内容格式安排上,应该按照书信格式,先问候,然后再写正文。从时态上看,这篇短文涉及到了多种时态,如一般现在时、一般过去时、现在完成时等,要根据作文内容需要恰当使用。

习作 1:

习作 2:



内容提示:1. 全校同学分组行动,调查了本市的环境保护情况;

2. 最近组织了一次环境保护的英语演讲比赛;

3. 学校计划每月去人民公园开展一次“清理垃圾”的义务劳动,并宣传环保


要求:1. 意思连贯,可适当发挥;

2. 短文内不得出现真实的学校名称和人名;

3. 词数不少于80个。

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One possible version:

It is everybody’s duty to protect the environment. Our school has held many activities to call on the students to do more for the environment.

In order to know more about the environment situation of the city, we have made a survey. After that, an English speech contest on environment protection was held. Many students took part in the contest, and they came up with many good ideas to help protect the environment.

Our school has made a plan to clean the People’s Park and tell the public some knowledge about environment protection every month. Up to now, we have done that for three times.

I believe that more and more people will join us in the work.

2、2007年4月29日,教育部、国家体育总局、共青团中央共同举行全国亿万学生阳光体育运动(“Sunshine Sports” program)启动仪式。 根据以下内容提示,写一篇短文谈谈你们学校自活动启动以来所开展的活动。

内容提示:1. 这项活动受到了同学们的热烈欢迎,几乎人人参与。

2. 学校制定了活动计划,已经开展了各种体育活动,如健身操(setting-up


3. 班级之间也开展了篮球赛、足球赛等活动。

要求:1. 语言通顺,意思连贯;

2. 词数在80个左右;

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One possible version:

The “Sunshine Sports" program is warmly welcomed in our school. Nearly all the students have taken part in it.

At the beginning, our school has made a plan to hold all kinds of sports activities. So far, we have hold setting-up exercises, basketball, ping pang, swimming and many other activities. Every afternoon after half past five, we can choose to take part in our favorite games. Basketball match and football match have been held between classes. Boys are really crazy about it.

All the students like the idea because it makes students happy and keep them fit at the same time.



____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One possible version:

It is Mother’s Day tomorrow. I would do something for mother every year. Last year, I bought the flowers for my mother. This year, I want to do something special. I have grown some flowers for her. I think the gift must be special. A card is necessary, of course. I have made one by myself instead of getting one from the shop.

I have talked with my father. We decide to cook for my mom. After dinner, we will go to the cinema.

I hope my mother will like what my father and I have done for her.

篇三:9下英语14单元知识归纳及作文Unit 13 We are trying to save the earth

Unit 13 We are trying to save the earth! 短语归纳:

save the earth 拯救地球 nosie pollution噪音污染 solve the problem 解决问题 cut down减少hear of/about 听说 go shopping 去购物 make a difference 影响;起作用 cut off切除 not only…but also…不仅。。。而且

be harmful to 对。。。有害 at the top of the food chain 在食物链的顶端 worse and worse 越来越糟

begin with 以。。。开始 turn off 关掉 pay for 支付 add up 加起来 take action采取行动 throw away 扔掉

put sth to good use 好好利用某物 pull…down 拆下 upside down 倒转 win a prize 获奖 set up 建立

be known for 因。。。著名 look like 看起来像 bring back 恢复;使想起 in the ocean’s ecosystem 在海洋生态系统


try to do sth 尽力做 play a part in doing sth 参与做某事 used to do sth 过去常做 instead of doing sth 代替做某事start doing sth 开始做 remember to do sth 记得去做某事 can’t afford to do sth 不能担负得起做某事

by doing sth 通过做 be good at doing sth 擅长于做。。。 plan to do sth 计划做 hope to do sth希望做

need to do sth 需要做



Earth is the home to all of us and it’s our job to protect the earth. I always turn off lights when I leave a room. While I am washing my hair, I usually turn off the shower. Besides, If I go shopping, I always take my own bags instead of using plastic bags. I decide to do more things to protect our earth in the future. Such as recycling books and paper and stopping driving cars .