Name: Nguyen xx
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 1986-6
National: Han
Place of residence are: Liaoning Province / Dandong City
Marital status: unmarried
Education: tertiary
Graduate school: University of Shashi in Hubei Province
Profession: Electrical Automation


In the young season, I willing to endure hardship involved, only through their own enthusiasm, pro-active efforts to achieve their own values and work to make the greatest contribution: As a beginner, I have an excellent ability to learn and willing to learn, innovate, constant pursuit of excellence; as a participant, I have an honest and credible character, full of team spirit; as a leader, I am able to work with, and decisive style, good communication and interpersonal coordination. Have a strong endurance, willpower and the quality of tradition of hard work, serious and responsible work, positive and aggressive personality persistent optimism, the courage to face the difficulties and challenges

Educational background
2005.9 ~ 2008.6 University, majoring in professional Shashi: Electrical Automation Education: tertiary

College English, advanced mathematics, engineering, mathematics, University physics, mechanical drawing, circuit and magnetic circuit, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Automatic Control Theory, Principle and Application of Microcomputer, ALGOL, electrical and drag the basis of the semiconductor variable technology, engineering, testing, factory electrical equipment, automation systems, power plants, Introduction to Business Management.

In school honors:

2005 and 2006, respectively, in 2007 the school won the men"s basketball championship in school students were hired as the sports department, Deputy Minister of
In June 2007 the school of electrical technology to obtain professional credentials
In June 2008 in the school to obtain vocational qualification certificate Electrician

Language Proficiency: Mandarin: fluent English: 2

Professional skills:

2. Familiar with the 51 series single-chip and application of the principle. Understanding of the structure of 51 single-chip and software programming (Wei Fu E6000 / compile /), 51 single-chip based on the understanding of the DC motor driver, LED display, keyboard control and sensors, such as software and hardware design.

3. Can be of conventional electrical equipment installation, debugging and fault diagnosis and treatment;

4. With maintenance, debugging and automatic control system for automatic detection systems;

5. Familiar with using the WINDOWS operating system, OFFICE office software.

Job search intention:

Work type: Full-time
I hope the industry: home appliances for sale | Electrical | Electronics / Semiconductor / Instrument Instrument
Salary expectations: Discuss why the provision of housing


Personal Information
Name: liu sir Gender: Male
Birth Date: Sep. 1976 Birth Place: Shao yang Hunan
University: Harbin Institute of Technology Degree: Bachelor
Contact: 0
Education Background Undergraduate 4-year degree in Electrification Engineer Dept.
The courses including: Advanced Maths, College English,
Engineering Chart, Electric Circuit Theory, Electron Technology,
Motor-driven etc. Have a good command of the theory of design of Motor,
Manufacture-art, Electromotive-control.
Took part in the National College Student Electron – Design CompetitionWorking Experience
Jul. 2000—Present Midea Holding Co., Ltd (Welling Branch )
Worked as Project Engineer & Technology Support Engineer
Familiar with AC motor structure and elements, have the working experience in
electronics, Design DC motor according to the customer’s request and make
confirmation sample motor, cooperate with sale engineer to negotiate with
customer. experience in dealing with Gree, Le hua, Zhi gao etc.
about Motor of Air- Conditioner.
In charge of the business of Haier and Hisense : solving problem on spot,
customer service, follow up the sample motor and solve sample quality problem.
Coordinate with various parties internally and externally including the
customer communication and production line.
familiar with the quality of product over their complete life cycle from the design,
manufacturing to service.
Additional Activities
Took part in studying the ISO9000 and QS9000, learn how to control the quality
and take the action to achieve zero defect performance based on continuous
improvement. the key elements for continuous improvements are customer
satisfaction, Defect prevent and elimination, and process control.
Individual Specialty
Good technical knowledge and management skill to lead engineering team, analytic
minded and high initiative, able to work in an evolving and high pressure and work
independently. Good written English, good communication skill and interface with
customers on all technical aspects. familiar with operating the computer.
Objective Search good position and a good company which can provide the personal
development space.


姓名: 专业:自动化

求职意向:自动化工程师 手机号:15271802036






☆ 勤勉上进,认真细致,踏实肯干,对工作认真负责 ☆ 热情大方,待人热忱,善于与人沟通协调,亲和力强 ☆ 具有能胜任工作的专业素质和技能 ☆ 具有良好的动手能力以及团队协作能力


☆ 大学英语四、六级

☆ 计算机二级(C)、三级(PC)


☆ 掌握了一定的汇编语言及C++知识并能进行熟练运用 ☆ 自学了普中51单片机开发板的使用,并能熟练操作 ☆ 能熟练运用DXP、PROTEL、MATLAB等专业软件


☆ 2010年获得“优秀志愿者”的称号 ☆ 2010年获武汉科科技大学高数竞赛二等奖 ☆ 2011年获得“优秀学生”称号 ☆ 2011年获校三等奖学金

☆ 2011年获全国电工建模竞赛国家三等奖

? 实践经验:

☆ 2009年10月至2010年4月担任学院青年志愿者协会自动化支队队长 ☆ 2010年9月至2011年6月担任自动化1001班学生 ☆ 2010年5月在中冶连铸集团认识实习一周

☆ 2012年2月至2012年9月在武汉科技大学电子设计大赛基地培训

? 所学的课程:





1. 熟悉数字和模拟电子电路基础,曾多次独立运用数模电路进行电子设计。 在学校期间,应用数字电子部分制作“抢答器”,应用模拟电子制作“功放” 在此过程中,学习到模数电的实际应用及怎么调试作品。 2. 熟悉51单片机的原理以及应用

在电子设计大赛培训过程中自学了普中51单片机的开发板,对开发板上的直流电机驱动、lcd显示、键盘控制和传感器等模块比较熟悉软,。 3. 熟悉运用protel99、DXP等软件。


我的座右铭是“生活应因为奋斗而精彩”因为每个人都要有目标理想。即将跨入社会的我将以不坠青去之志,不失进取之心,不懈追求之劲,尽心尽责、勤奋工作在实践不断学习发挥自己的主动性、创造性,竭力为贵单位的发展做出我最大的贡献! 敬祝您的事来蒸蒸日上.


篇四:自动化专业应届毕业生 求职简历

求 职 简 历

姓 名: 性 别: 男

出生年月: 1990.02 政治面貌: 共青团员

籍 贯: 湖南浏阳

学 历: 本 科 专 业: 自 动 化

毕业院校: 湖南工学院

英语水平: CET 6级 计算机水平: C语言国家二级

身 高: 166cm 体 重: 55 公 斤

手 机: 邮 箱:

◆ 社会实践和工作经历

2009年8月—2009年9月,于深圳富士康兼职暑假工,学习了PCB制版和焊接技术。 2010年7月—2010年9月,参加学校组织的电子线路设计培训以及单片机编程。 2011年7月—2011年8月,于大唐耒阳电厂实习对集散控制有一定的了解。

◆ 大学表现和所获奖项 2009年参加全国大学生英语竞赛获得优胜奖



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